Rave Reviews

Julie Timms

"I've been coaching with Verl and Workman Success now for going on four years and it has absolutely transformed my life...

With the systems, the tools, and especially the coaching, they've just taken us to the stars."

Liz Lockerman

"My biggest complaint to Terri when we first started was that I didn't feel like I had control of my day. With My Perfect Week and Daily Success Habits, I totally feel more in control and more productive."

Harding “I started my real estate business over 13 years ago and my husband, Beau, joined me in 2012. After selling real estate as an agent for a year, we decided he’d move into a management role so we could take our business to the next level. We were referred to Verl Workman by a trusted colleague in the industry and after only one year of coaching, we’ve transitioned into a fully successful real estate business with three employees and five licensed agents. Verl’s knowledge, experience, processes and "tools for success” moved us from “working harder” to “working smarter.” He was extremely patient and understanding; assisting and advising us on every aspect – from office space to copier leases to employee job descriptions. I would recommend the Workman Success Systems team to any realtor serious about taking their business to the top!" – Kimberly Harding

“I was just talking with a lead from Realtor.com and remembered the LPMAMA script from your BAM agent training program. I didn't have it quite memorized yet, but I hit the key check points and explained the difference between listing and buyers agent. Long story short: I got the appointment with extreme ease and confidence. It's amazing how the right tools make the job easier!" – Joe Reed

"I've been working with Jim Knowlton for about 5 months and I have already closed more sales volume at this point than all of last year. He's not only been able to adapt his coaching to not only help me grow my real estate business, but also guide me through the completion of a model home I'm building in a sub-division I own. I also have a property management division and 11 agents, but no matter what questions or concerns I throw at him, he has concise, thoughtful, helpful responses based on his extensive experience in each of these areas. I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship and my business." – Jim Davis

Bouman"I've been working with WSS for about two years and couldn't be happier with the coaching I receive. The year before I began coaching, I closed $16M in production and worked many nights and weekends. My first year with WSS I closed $22.1M and this year I'm on track to close over $30M - and I rarely work nights or weekends. I have more time, I have more freedom, I'm more profitable and I'm enjoying the business more than ever. If you're serious about improving your real estate business, you need to work with WSS!" – Luke Bouman

"I just wanted to let you know that I have taken off! I've sold $1,886,900 since March! I have fully enjoyed our coaching sessions and can't wait to have everything you've recommended up and running." – Jennifer Lacatus

gerre gerdes"I am busier this year than I’ve ever been. If someone would had said this was going to happen, I would have just laughed. I’m hearing from "old' clients and getting referrals from others. I also appreciate your emails. It's nice to know you are still there for me if I need assistance. Thank you!"  – Gerre Gerdes

"My real estate partner and I signed up with Verl 18 months ago and it changed the way we do business within the first 90 days. He taught us how to research and implement systems that increased our listings by 50% and generated a steady stream of real, pre-qualified buyers. Verl constantly pushes us to take our business to the next level. We would not be thriving during these interesting times if it were not for Verl Workman." – Lee Ann Monfredini

“I have had many coaches over the years and Verl is by far the best. I can say 100% without Verl and his systems, my annual personal sales would not have gone from $110M to $180M and I am on track for $300M. If you truly want to be successful then you need to call him."  – Anthony Marguleas

"Count me among Verl's raving fans! So many good tips on techniques and resources! The clients love it and it gets results. I'll be back for more review and cutting edge technology. Thanks for a really memorable and meaningful coaching experience." –Richard Murray

"I moved to a new market after 45 years in Grand Rapids – and things are jammin' for me! I use a lot of what I learned from Verl daily: Pre-Listing Packages, 3-2-1s, Listing Books, etc. I'm doing something different! And it's working!" Harv Warsen

"I am always looking for that one thing that day or that week that will have a significant impact on my life and career. The day I first heard Verl Workman speak last January I thought, "WOW! I am going to learn more from this man." And I keep listening to him and learning from him. His coaching has motivated me and his experiences (from walking in the same shoes I walk in as a real estate agent) have provided me with tools and ideas that contribute to my entire team working smarter, to better listing presentations and overall performance enhancements for us all. Thank you, Verl – you're the best! I will continue to tune in to your coaching conference calls for continued updates and training to further sharpen my skills." –Marian D'Unger

"I am truly amazed at how much you have taught me about myself in these short eight weeks. The most important thing that we accomplished was to help me create a path. I have been fragmented and bouncing from detail to crisis for the past twenty years of this career. Now I feel that I have a framework to build on. Your assignments and gentle counsel have helped me truly focus on what I want to accomplish. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it is difficult to do. The work you have done with us has helped us to start a map to our future. We have truly enjoyed our time with you." – Ralph and Jeanne Janisch

"I would like to thank you for the excellent job of coaching over the past few months. Not only was the information, training, and endless help you provided excellent and priceless, but you…were a delightful person. This service is a must for anyone wanting to get the most out of your products." – Michael L. Bass

"WOW! Where have you been all my real estate life? This is the answer to my prayers…someone that has pulled all the best together into a package that is ready to go! Several other agents in my office have already attended an earlier program and you won't believe the cheers they're shouting about the system. I'm looking forward to mine arriving within the next few days so that I can put it to work! Thanks very much." – Bill Brown

"I am a raving fan. I have always pursued opportunities that would make me a better and more effective professional and your coaching has been among the very best. (Last year) was not a great year for me but I have already surpassed that this year (as of April). Continuing as I have started, I should exceed my goals for this year. But most of all, your passion for the business, your coaches, your focus and knowledge have made you an inspiration. Thank you very much. I expect to join another coaching group." – Mike Jorissen

"I have implemented some of the coaching suggestions…and my business has really started booming. Like Verl said: You don't really know where the business is coming from – it just begins to grow. I can barely keep up!" – Phyllis Fudge

"I found these sessions to be very informative and I am glad I invested in these sessions. I would recommend that everyone do your coaching and I will definitely take this again. There is a lot of information and, hopefully, I will incorporate it all soon and go from being a good agent to a great agent. Thanks for everything." – Janice Fanell

maria babaev"I met Verl a few years ago and was immediately impressed by his amazing ability to ignite audiences and move them into action. He is fun and very entertaining but, more importantly, he has proven sales techniques that one can apply effectively. Verl is, without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable, relevant and memorable coaches in the real estate world." – Maria Babaev

Julie Toon Timms SQ "If you think you can't afford to invest in Verl's advice and counsel for your future success, then you are mistaken. Verl has been the catalyst that ignited and allowed me to succeed beyond my boldest dreams. Thank you, Verl, for giving me the advice, tools and motivation I needed to be truly successful in helping people achieve their real estate goals.”

– Julie Toon Timms

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