Using Technology for High Volume Lead Generation and Conversion Magic!

Do you have the right systems in place to dominate your market in 2016? In this webinar, Verl Workman, CEO of Workman Success Systems, shares his email scripts, lead nurture strategies, and best practices for using the right technology to catapult your conversion rates.  Agents, brokers and team leaders won’t want to miss Verl and BoomTown Success Manager, Chris Dorsey, show  how the top teams in the country are structured, and share how to take your own team to the next level with a great culture and systems that flat out rock!



The ABCs of Lead Management

lead management conceptMost agents tell me their most urgent business concern is the need for more leads, but with all of the incredible lead generation sources available, I simply don’t buy it. 

Our coaches lead every client session with the topic of Revenue. We begin by identifying the lead sources, lead tracking and lead conversion percentages of the agent or team we’re coaching and often find there are plenty of leads – but no real system to convert those leads over time. 

Agents love the quick “list me” calls or the “let’s go see a home today” emails generated online.  Unfortunately, these “ready to go now” leads are few and far between. Agents do a great job of working them (what I call the “A” leads) but convert a very low percentage of the “B” and “C” leads. The reason?

7-Minute Marketing Plan

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All of your marketing efforts are of little value if you don’t have time to manage the prospects they generate or the business they produce. So, Robert Allan Paul has developed a simple process and monthly schedule that allows you (or your assistant) to manage all of your basic online marketing programs in less than an hour per week – or about 7 minutes a dayExcerpted from his popular Speed Branding seminar for agents and brokers, it's yours free from Workman Success Systems. Just click here to download it now.

Turn Cold Calls into Warm Connections

The very words “cold calling” are enough to make most agentsTerri Murphy cropped shake in their shoes. But when you need to make a connection via a prospecting call, one simple sentence can instantly raise the temperature of your call from cold to warm and friendly.

In an age when most people find the need to share their thoughts, views and concerns through social media, the most powerful question you can ask a prospect is “May I ask your opinion?”

Tell them you’re conducting a short survey about a subject that is highly local and relevant to where they live.  The nature of your call automatically transitions from a solicitation to an invitation. Think about asking four short, easy questions that may be a concern to a particular area. We refer to this as the “Help Us Pick Your New Neighbors” campaign. Examples of questions you might include are:

11 Important Ingredients to Becoming No. 1

number one business team“What does it take to be the best?” I’m asked that question at least once a week at events and on coaching calls. As we strive for excellence in our business and lives, the road to No. 1 is not as clear as you might expect. But working with elite agents has helped me develop a road map and identity key milestones that seem common among the best in the business. There are always a few potholes and detours, as well, but success isn’t based on issues you might encounter. It’s based on how you deal with them. Here are 11 Important Ingredients to Becoming No. 1…

1. Attitude. Have and keep a positive attitude in the face of any challenge.

2. Honesty.  Develop a high level of integrity with your clients and yourself. If you say you’re going to do, the do it. Period.

3. Clear Focus on Serving Others. Remember this is a service business. If you focus on serving others, the commissions will follow.

4. Confidence – Not Arrogance. Confidence and competence in your market and area of expertise are important. Confidence is an attractive trait. Arrogance, however, is not. Arrogance shows its ugly face when you start thinking you’re better than others and your success is based on putting them down.

5. Truly Liking People You Serve. Be interested, not just interesting. The world is full of amazing people and, as real estate professionals, we have the opportunity of meeting and serving many of them. Build real relationships through that process.

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