Clients for Life

I know agents who have made lifelong friends working with homebuyers and sellers but,Sara G unfortunately, it seems far too rare.

Think about it: For several months, you’re really involved with these people, you share in their successes and disappointments, you learn what motivates them, you talk about family, fun and dreams. Then you go to the closing, give them a gift, get a check and…for some strange reason…

Bringing on the Best-Finding Hiring and Keeping Your Next Superstars!

Join moderator Verl Workman as he interviews super star recruiters Vince Leisey and Rick Geha during the January RISMedia Broker Best Practices Webinar! Learn about building a team, hiring the best, why the Millennials are the generation of collaboration and much, much more!



New Year, New Business! Chart a Course to 100 Transactions in 2016

Join Verl Workman as he goes over a step-by-step business plan, systems, and team structure to help you close 100 transactions (or more!) in 2016! Moderated by Terri Workman, along with Joe Sesso, This webinar was brought to you by RIS Media Agent Webinar Series and


Terri Murphy: Does Your Business Plan Include These Secret Components?

It’s that time again: Time to start thinking about Terri Murphy croppedplan for 2015 has fallen short? If you’re like most of us, you had high hopes last December and were excited by the possibility this year would be better. Fervent in your quest to break through the barriers and achieve that seemingly elusive success factor, today might find you a tad disappointed that the success you want just never seems to be within your reach.

There are countless books, seminars, checklists, systems and software available to help us write a business plan.  But no matter which one you use, your results might be the same. The real question is “Why don’t business plans work?”

There are several reasons business planning fails but most aren’t related to the plan itself…

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