Inspect What You Expect

In this age of rapidly changing technology, teams become more important, not less. JimHumans, as a rule, do not evolve nearly as quickly as societies. In fact, we individuals may be the slowest moving part of the whole equation. Teams can make us smarter and faster – but only if we put the right people on the bus.

In determining how a team may make our business more efficient or generate more income, one must consider what size team is needed. Believe it or not, the answer is probably smaller than you think.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Team

Did you know that as a passenger using Uber instead of a taxi, YOU areTerri Murphy cropped the one who gets rated?  Really. The consumer who pays is rated by the service provider!  Our society today gets rated on just about everything – from Uber drivers evaluating their passengers to diners rating their latest restaurants to women rating their “dates.” The fact is, with the advent of social connection, we are constantly compared and rated for our services. 

There’s no doubt that real estate clients are more prepared than ever for their buying or selling experiences before they even contact a real estate professional. So how do they determine with whom they want to work?  Statistics reveal that they look for three key things…

One Database, 1,000 Prospects, Unlimited Opportunities!

Join moderator Verl Workman in RISMedia's Broker Best Practices Webinar Series! Verl was joined by guests Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist of®, Kevin Markarian, Broker, Marker Real Estate and Keith Hocktin, Senior Broker ConsultantTop Producer® for a powerful discussion on getting the most out of your database.


The Dirty Little Secret of Business Planning

If you listen to a lot of today’s business consultants, it’s easy to becomeCleve overwhelmed by their approach to team building and business planning. First, you have to create hundreds of spreadsheets, growth charts, personality profiles and mind-mapping sequences. (Stay with me). Then, you have to fly cross-country to at least a half-dozen conferences and pay thousands of dollars to hear the latest business gurus and strategic geniuses enlighten you on key components of successful business planning. Only then can you create an effective business plan for your team. (Still with me?)

Well, if the process described above sounds remotely reasonable to you, I have some ocean-front property in metro Atlanta I'd like to sell you. I also have a 3,000,000-piece jigsaw puzzle you might want to take a stab at. Based on your blind faith and penchant for complicating things, I’m sure you’ll love both the puzzle and the waterfront views.

The dirty little secret of effective business planning is…

Lead or Follow?

Rick Geha small

If you’re reading this, YOU are a team leader.  How do I know?  Simple.  In the industry of real estate, whether you’re an individual agent, a member of an agent team or a broker building a team, you’re already leading a team!  But you may not realize it. 

Whether you choose to lead or follow, there are a couple of fundamental truths you’ll want to stop and consider – right now – before you can really grow your business...

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